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The name of the Society shall be "THE AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA (AeSI)", hereinafter called the Society. The Registered Office of the Society shall be situated at New Delhi. The objectives of the Society are to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the Aeronautical Sciences and Aircraft Engineering and the elevation of the Aeronautical Profession. In order to achieve these objectives, the Society shall engage in the following activities: a. Promotion of the professionalism of its members by setting up and maintaining a high standard of competency and by strict enforcement of rules of personal conduct as condition of Membership. b. Organisation of a lectures and discussions and the publication of papers dealing with various branches of Aeronautics. c. Establishment of a library of Aeronautical Publications. d. The purchase, lease or acquisition by any other lawful means and the disposal of any premises or any other property for the purposes of the Society,subject to the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860. e. Printing, Publication, Sale, Loan or Distribution of such documents as may be found desirable. Conduct of Examinations and award of Certificates, Prizes, Scholarships and Stipends. g. Performances of such lawful acts as would be conducive to the fulfillment of the objectives of the Society. h. Promotion of amateur activities such as gliding, ballooning, Aero modelling etc for creating and promoting awareness of aeronautics among younger generations.

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